Mark Todd (Double Olympic Champion)
“An excellent range of well built fences that are suitable for training and schooling horses at all levels”

Andrew Nicholson (World Team Gold)
“The best X.C. schooling course in the south west. All the fences are beautifully designed and built and very well maintained. The going is always excellent especially the all weather take offs and landings on all the fences”

Leslie Law (Olympic Gold Medalist)
“Fantastic ! And the fences are so well built”.

Lucinda Fredericks
“The best in the west. Solid fences always immaculately looked after”.

Pippa Funnell
“I have never seen such outstanding facilities !

Mark Phillips
“Truly a first class schooling course. The best I’ve seen in a long time”

Yogi Breisner
“This must be the best cross country schooling course in the country”

Blyth Tait
Amazing!. With so much choice.